Anthology of poems

A collection of poems written by young LGBT+ people in Herts

An anthology of poems written by LGBT+ young people from across Hertfordshire

Young people from Services for Young People LGBT+ projects across the county took part in a series of workshops with the poet and author Dean Atta. The inspirational workshops introduced the young people to modern poetry, helped them to develop confidence in creative writing and improved their overall wellbeing and self-esteem.

Fifty of the poems written by the young people as a result of the workshops were then chosen to be included in this book entitled 'How to be me'.

How to be me - e-version

The anthology was produced to increase awareness of diversity and the needs of LGBT+ young people. It aims to encourage non-LGBT+ people to consider the experiences of their LGBT+ peers and encourage discussion around identity.

Hard copies of the anthology are available from Hertfordshire libraries.


Selected poems from the anthology are featured in this animated film.