HERTS 1125 is the YOUTH VOICE GROUP for Hertfordshire and members include the local youth councils and forums, and young people aged 11 – 25 who live, work or are educated in the county.  Herts1125 also includes us: Who not What because life is about who we are not what we are.

In our words...

Who not What is about us as young LGBT+, about our experiences, our thoughts and views on LGBT+ issues and about improving things for young people in the future.

So who are Herts1125 ‘Who not What’?

We are a group of young LGBT+ who have come together to represent the voice of the young Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender + community of Hertfordshire supported by youth workers from Youth Connexions Hertfordshire.

We have worked in partnership with YC Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council, Public Health and Hertfordshire Pride in the development of this website to support young LGBT+ in the county.

What do we do?

  • Work to effect change for the young LGBT+ community
  • Hold meetings every month at in Hatfield
  • Keep in touch with other members via email and social networking
  • Consult with young people through schools and communities on LGBT+ issues annually  during May - July
  • Write up our findings and suggestions for improvement to include in the Hertfordshire Young
    People’s Manifesto and present them to decision makers in Herts annually in October
  • Represent young LGBT+ people in Hertfordshire at key meetings in the county

Herts1125 Young People’s Manifesto has become a key strategic document for the voice of all young people in the county.


From one tweet back in August 2014, a group of us from across Hertfordshire came together in October 2014 to look at what services are available in the county including resources accessible both online and in our localities, how social networking can be better utilised and how education can be improved to better support and inform young people.

Want to get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved and changing local services for young LGBT+ contact us at:

Young Pride in Herts offers support, information and advice to the young LGBT+ community and to those who may be struggling with their sexuality or gender, in Hertfordshire.

If you need support, want to get involved in changing services in the county or are a friend/parent or carer who needs advice, please contact us through our Contact page.